Welcome to Nyanja Lodges

Earth is a planet among nine other planets. And Nyanja Lodges are lodges among others located on planet earth. Just 1000 meters from the well known Maldeco Fisheries to the north of Mangochi district lies Nyanja Eco-Lodge formerly Planet Istanbul Lodge . This is a classic, executive Lodge you would visit in Mangochi.


 Nyanja Eco-Lodge in Mangochi strive for excellence and maintain unique standards to suit both local and international markets. Nyanja Lodges have extensive facilities, convenient for business, holiday makers and families.

Nyanja Lodges  offer comfort and relaxation. Surrounded with friendliest people, ages old culture, tradition to make your dream a memorably, magnificent affordable experience, in comfort and hospitality. The surrounding harbors ethnic Yao and Chewa groups of people. The people around this beautiful Lodge mostly rely on fishing as a source of living. To spice up the beauty Nyanja Lodges hire Cultural Dances like Gule wamkulu (big dance) Beni, Mbwiza just naming a few enjoyed among the Yao ethnic group of people.

The Casino has proved very popular to Malawians, Indians and Europeans.